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Rock N Roll Arizona Race-Day Checklist

Rock N Roll Arizona Race-Day Checklist

Rock N Roll Arizona Race-Day Checklist

Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon & 1/2 Marathon is less than a week away!!

You’ve done all the work to get yourself to the start line happy, healthy, and well-prepared. Don’t let your pre-race nerves let you forget the important things necessary for a successful race!

Here is a great list from our friends at Sole Sports Running Zone on 10 must haves for your race:

  1. Shoes- This should be a familiar pair, not something you purchased at the expo!
  2. Socks- Just like shoes, this should be a brand you have tried in the past.
  3. Bodyglide- Toes, Feet, Inner Thighs, Butt, Armpits, Nipples.. If it moves, Glide it!
  4. Compression Sleeves- These will help minimize soreness & swelling in your calves.
  5. Running Shorts- The more form-fitting, the better! Less movement = less rubbing.
  6. Race Belt- Quick & easy way to show your number without ruining your favorite shirt!
  7. Race Bib/Timing Chip- You’ll need these if you want your race to count!
  8. Running Shirt- Short sleeves work best for this race. Also, No Cotton!
  9. Arm Warmers- Worried about the cold start-temps? Arm sleeves are great!
  10. Sunglasses- Arizona is always sunny, even if it’s cloudy, you should protect your eyes.
  11. Sunscreen- With a 7:50am start time, most Marathoners will be out there until Noon.
  12. Hat/Visor- Keep the sweat and sun out of your eyes so you can focus on your race!
  13. Music Player- Be sure to load 6+ hours of music so you can find the right motivation.
  14. Hydration/Nutrition- Any specific needs you’ll have to carry, handheld or belt is the way to go!
  15. GPS Watch- Time, Distance, Pace, Calories, Heart Rate.. Know it all!

And lastly and most importantly …

16. A Good Attitude- Thank your family for rushing around town only to see you sprint past them without saying hi.. Oh, and THANK A VOLUNTEER!

Good Luck Runners!

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