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Meet Remora : What is Remora?

Remora Tracking

Meet Remora : What is Remora?

Welcome to Remora Tracking!

Remora is the newest GPS tracking device, Based our of Arizona, for locating the important things in your life. As athletes, founders Nicole & Sean saw a need for keeping the spectators in the loop at races and that’s where Remora started. What they didn’t realize is how big of an idea Remora really was.

In the world of racing, athletes are connected at all times. They know their pace, distance, and even their calories burned, but there is no way for their support system to know how fast their athlete is going, what is their projected finish time, and most of all where they are on the course. Even for the most seasoned spectators, there are times that athletes slow down or go faster then expected.

Remora is a small, unnoticeable GPS tracker that an athlete buys / rents for a specific race. Once the athlete starts the race, their spectators can track their progress and see exactly where the athlete is on course. They can cheer along their athlete every step of the way. Not only does Remora tell a spectator how fast their athlete is going and where they are on the course but it allows them to see an estimated finish time so they never miss a finish line!

Know more than one athlete racing? No Problem! Just favorite them all and see them on one map, no more flipping through multiple screens.

Can’t make it to the race due to distance or health issues? Maybe the course isn’t accessible to spectators? No Problem! Follow your favorite athlete and cheer them on from home or anywhere in the world.

It’s Not Just for Runners:
Remora has an everyday mode. Once turned on, you can use Remora to track any number of things in your everyday life such as but not limited to:

  • Pets
  • Kids
  • Elderly
  • Travel / Luggage
  • Cars
  • Keys / Wallet
  • Safety

There is so much more to Remora so we hope you will sign up for our newsletter, follow us on social media (Remora Tracking), and back our kickstarter campaign! More exciting information coming soon and the Remora Kickstarter will be launched in January 2016!

Remora Tracking
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