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Meet Remora : Sean McManus, CMO

Meet Remora: Sean McManus, CMO

Meet Remora : Sean McManus, CMO

Sean McManus CMO of Remora TrackingOften seen exploring new trails, leading local group runs, producing races, or coaching new runners, Sean has fully immersed himself in the running industry. With over 10 years of experience, Sean has worked, volunteered, or competed at nearly every local race in Phoenix. He currently manages the community outreach operations for Sole Sports Running Zone​, Arizona’s premier specialty running store, while also acting as a Course Director for Life Time Fitness​, one of the nation’s largest race production companies.

Since 2005, Sean has competed in dozens of athletic events, from 5k’s to 50 milers; Sprint Triathlons to Ironmans; even dabbling in Obstacle Course Racing. He is intrigued by distance, seeing how far his body can go, and embraces the challenges that come along with it. His motivation? Competing for those who can’t, knowing just how fortunate he is to have been put in a position to compete around the country.

Sean’s passion for running was discovered at Arizona State while taking an Anatomy & Physiology course. His interest for the human body and how it performed led him to quickly change majors, trading architectural lectures for physics lab testing. While volunteering at a local triathlon, the culture, atmosphere, and the contagious feeling of accomplishment from all the athletes overwhelmed him and he quickly signed up for his first triathlon… Ironman Arizona. Not even 10 months later, he was crossing the finish line and has yet to look back.

Remora gives Sean the perfect opportunity to use his education, his experiences as an athlete, and his desires to better the overall spectator Sean McManus CMO of Remora Trackingexperience at local and national events. Appropriately appointed as Remora’s Chief Marketing Officer, Sean is confident in Remora’s ability to fill a void often left by today’s GPS and timing technologies.


Favorite Race: NorthFace Endurance Challenge 50k San Francisco

Favorite Food: Sushi or Crescent Rolls

Favorite Shoe: Saucony Zealot

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