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Meet Remora: Nicole Zeno, CEO

Meet Remora: Nicole Zeno, CEO

Meet Remora: Nicole Zeno, CEO

CEO of Remora Tracking Nicole Zeno Running in the Lake Powell Half MarathonNicole started her passion for running as anything but a runner. She was overweight and was never seen as an athlete. Knowing that running was the only way for her to afford getting into shape in NYC she set out and ran everyday along the East River. Slowly running became a lifestyle and then one day it became fun. Once moving to Arizona the scenery and weather made running all that more enjoyable and Nicole found herself setting goals and hitting them. In January 2015 Nicole ran her first half marathon. Although tough, it was an amazingly contagious feeling of accomplishment and support. Nicole soon sought out new challenges and people to spend long runs with. She started running with Sole Sports and found the challenge of more distance, keeping up with the more experienced runners, and lowering times was intoxicating. She made the running community her life and now a year later will be running her first full marathon as one of the newest Nuun Hydration ambassadors.

When most kids wanted to be a doctor or ballerina Nicole was dreaming of running a company and a lot of that had to do with the fact that Nicole’s parents started a web company, Z2 Media, Inc. when she was just a child. Growing up on her dad’s lap as he grew a business taught her entrepreneurial skills that most people don’t get the opportunity to learn.

“We were never taught to just go out and get a job, we were always pushed to make our own path, to see a need or problem in the world and use our knowledge to fill it.”

She was always ambitious and 5 days after graduating college she moved straight out to LA to follow her passion for music and video. After a successful year of freelancing in hollywood she got an opportunity and a challenge she just could not turn down. She moved to Arizona and at a young age, she took over the day to day operations of her dad’s company. Together with her Brother they added new services such as app development, wordpress, wearables, and more to the company’s already impressive menu.

CEO of Remora Tracking Nicole ZenoIn 2014 Nicole and her Brother Robert brought to life an app that was launched for the music industry. Not only did it use advanced technology but it also was nominated for awards at the SXSW Interactive Awards. This experience taught her a lot of lessons about the process of starting a company from nothing and bringing it to a finish line!

Now in her late 20s Nicole is still striving to put her passions of business, saving the world, and now running together. When Nicole met Sean at Sole Sports they clicked right away and knew that they could do some big things as a team. Nicole had never been on the spectator side of a big race before but when she got that opportunity of watching her friends race Ironman she realized that the support that athletes rely on to get them to the finish line had been left out of the loop.

“It was extremely hard to figure out where our friends were on the course, how fast they were going and when we should move to the next point of viewing. The race “live tracking” was not updating sometimes for more than 20 minutes and we were starting to worry about some people. In a race like Ironman, an athlete’s support team is so very important. I thought … I know technology, I have worked with GPS before, there has to be a way to make this easy. Then at the finish line my dad said you can build a better tracker and I thought to myself … You are right! I can! and that is how Remora came to life.”

The weeks after Ironman, Nicole could not sleep with excitement of the possibilities Remora had. She had the business background and she knew all her experience had been leading to an opportunity like this. She found herself writing business plans and asking people what they thought of the idea.

“The team we have here at Remora is out of this world. Sean with his fitness knowledge and community outreach behind him, Me with my business and technology knowledge, Z2 Media to execute and sole sports to test and sell! We couldn’t of fallen into a more perfect storm. We would be stupid to walk away from this opportunity without at least trying.”

Nicole is so excited to see where 2016 brings her, her team, and Remora!

“I just want to thank in advance everyone who helps us, supports us, gives us money or even just a share on social media. This is going to be a tough long road but I couldn’t ask for a better mission to be on.”

Favorite Race: Lake Powell Half Marathon
Favorite Food: Mac and Cheese
Favorite Shoe: Hoka Clifton
Favorite Running Product: Nuun Hydration

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