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Meet Remora

Meet Remora: Nicole Zeno, CEO

Nicole started her passion for running as anything but a runner. She was overweight and was never seen as an athlete. Knowing that running was the only way for her to afford getting into shape in NYC she set out and ran everyday along the East River. Slowly running became a lifestyle and then one day it became fun. Once moving to Arizona the scenery...

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Meet Remora: Sean McManus, CMO

Often seen exploring new trails, leading local group runs, producing races, or coaching new runners, Sean has fully immersed himself in the running industry. With over 10 years of experience, Sean has worked, volunteered, or competed at nearly every local race in Phoenix. He currently manages the community outreach operations for Sole Sports Running Zone​, Arizona's premier specialty running store, while also acting as a...

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Remora Tracking

Welcome to Remora Tracking! Remora is the newest GPS tracking device, Based our of Arizona, for locating the important things in your life. As athletes, founders Nicole & Sean saw a need for keeping the spectators in the loop at races and that's where Remora started. What they didn't realize is how big of an idea Remora really was. In the world of racing, athletes are connected...

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