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Never Lose The Important Things In Life

A BIG shoutout to our friends at November Project Phoenix for spreading the NP mission on Sonoran Living yesterday! Can you spot the Remora Tracking logo on Trevor's shirt??? Thanks for the Support!!! Watch the entire clip here Visit November Project Every Wednesday at Papago Park Amphitheater @ 6am      ...

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Rock N Roll Arizona Race-Day Checklist

Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon & 1/2 Marathon is less than a week away!! You’ve done all the work to get yourself to the start line happy, healthy, and well-prepared. Don’t let your pre-race nerves let you forget the important things necessary for a successful race! Here is a great list from our friends at Sole Sports Running Zone on 10 must haves for your race: Shoes- This should be a familiar...

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Training Tip Tuesday | 5 Tips For Reaching Your Goals In 2016 | Remora Tracking

  Be SMART With Your Goal Setting. Setting a SMART Goal (Specific, Measurable, Adjustable, Realistic, Time-based) is the best way to ensure that you know exactly where you want to be. Instead of saying, “I want to lose weight” your goal should say, “I want to lose 10lbs by February 1st”. By having a more concise goal, you can have a concise plan…   Have A Plan. Whether you...

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Meet Remora: Nicole Zeno, CEO

Nicole started her passion for running as anything but a runner. She was overweight and was never seen as an athlete. Knowing that running was the only way for her to afford getting into shape in NYC she set out and ran everyday along the East River. Slowly running became a lifestyle and then one day it became fun. Once moving to Arizona the scenery...

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